What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic science is based on the premise that optimum health depends, at least in part, on a properly functioning nervous system. The art and science of chiropractic is, concerned with the relationship between the spinal column and the nervous system as it affects the restoration and maintenance of health; primarily utilizing the hands or special instruments to “adjust” misaligned or malfunctioning vertebral bones in the spinal column.

Improper nerve supply to the body’s organs and tissues can be a causative factor in many diseases. When cells, tissues and organs of the body are not functioning well due to improper nerve supply, a “diseased state” can exist. Disease results from disintegration of the structures and functions of your body. Health results from integration of the structures and functions of your body.

We see evidence of this diseased state by having symptoms, such as discomfort or pain. Unfortunately, by the time these symptoms arise the diseased state is usually far advanced.

What exactly causes the breakdown in nervous function leading to a state of ill health or disease? In many cases, the answer to this is a vertebral subluxation complex or a “biomechanical lesion” of the spine which crucial to the proper functioning of the nervous system. All functions of the body are controlled or coordinated by impulses or signals from the brain. The signals originating from the brain are transmitted by way of the spinal cord, which is protected within the vertebral bones of the spinal column. The human body’s 31 pairs of spinal nerves, which branch off the spinal cord, exit the spine through small openings (foramina) between each of the vertebrae. A primary component of a subluxation exists when a vertebrae causes irritation and/or compression of the nerve root as it exits the spine. This can cause improper nerve impulses going to all of the cells, tissues and organs of the body; and also result in illness or disease.

Doctors of chiropractic spend years training and specializing in locating these spinal subluxation and correcting them. With the use of a chiropractic adjustment, the doctor of chiropractic is able to reduce the subluxated vertebrae, and allow the restoration of normal nerve flow. The adjustment is a highly specialized technique based upon improving spinal motion, and restoring normal nerve function in the body.

The doctor of chiropractic typifies today’s new attitude toward conservative health care. This philosophy holds that optimum health is more than just the absence of symptoms and disease, it is a way of life. Doctors of chiropractic emphasize that optimum health cannot be swallowed in a formula or pill, or injected with a needle. Optimum health can only be achieved through patient education, understanding, and appropriate and consistent healthy activities.

In its beautiful design, the human body is well equipped to detect and eliminate disease processes, as long as it can count on the essentials of food, water, sleep, clean air, good nutrition and properly functioning nervous system. Doctors of chiropractic believe that by allowing the human body’s natural recuperative powers to function unimpaired, optimum health can be achieved. They understand that doctors don’t heal patients at all, but merely remove what is interfering with the body’s own inform healing ability. This philosophy helps solidify chiropractic’s position in the health care sciences, especially at a time when people are seeking a more natural, holistic lifestyle.