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Client Testimonials & Reviews

My husband aggravated an old injury while we were on vacation. Called a bunch of places before I found Dr. Knobbs through our insurance. They got us a same day appointment, and I have to tell you, this practice is AWESOME! All the staff are super friendly, helpful and so kind. After a quick Xray, Dr. Knobbs quickly found the problem, and hubby was in much better shape within minutes. We liked the office so much, we came back for another adjustment for the car ride home. Highly recommend this office!!!

Zach S. - Facebook


I love Dr. Knobbs! I have been a patient at Knobbs chiropractic for several months and I have had a better experience at Knobbs chiropractic then I did at my other chiropractor office. The staff is very friendly and welcoming and very flexible with accommodating the schedule works best for me. I like the fact that the office is open until 6 PM because it works around my work. I have seen a reduction in headaches since I’ve seen Dr Knobbs!

Audrey S. - Facebook


Dr knobbs is absolutely amazing. He adjusts me at the barrel races and I’ve never had a chiropractor help me as much as he does. He’s super nice and is truly the best. I wish I lived closer I’d see him all the time lol but highly recommend him!

Lynnsy D. - Facebook