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Our Staff


Chiropractic Assistant

Cindy was born and raised in Louisiana, where her father and brother were both chiropractors. She worked for her father in his practice before moving to Colorado almost 19 years ago and immediately began working for Dr. Dale Knobbs. She enjoys chiropractic mostly because of the patients. She has a passion for helping them improve their physical condition. Cindy considers chiropractic to be the most natural form of health care for an individual. She has one son, Ben.


Chiropractic Assistant

Machelle was born in West Virginia however moved to wonderful Colorado from Florida. She and her husband Thomas have one daughter. Machelle graduated from Lakeland College of Business in 1986. Machelle has had the privilege of working with Dr. Knobbs, Shirley and Cindy since 2015. She in not only impressed by Dr. Knobbs dedication and compassion for his patients but also the compassion he shows in the way in takes care of his other patients, the dogs and horses. She looks forward to growing with this amazing team!


Office Manager

Shirley was born and raised in Colorado. She and her husband, Jeff, have a son, Dillon. She has worked in the medical industry since 1991 when she graduated from the Medical Institute of Minnesota. She worked in physical therapy for 2 years and has worked in chiropractic care for 6 years. She has always been interested in the mechanics and movement of the human body. Shirley enjoys the opportunity to share the importance of maintaining spinal care with the patients and the effects of misalignment of the spine and the conditions that it can cause. She says she loves working with Dr. Knobbs and is inspired by his compassion for every person he treats.

Client Testimonials

Without chiropractic treatment my major league career would have been shortened by at least 8 years.

Rich "Goose" Gossage

Major League Pitcher

Dr. Knobbs attacks the pain as opposed to masking the pain. When you leave you feel the cure. You really do.

Bobby Brown

Chiropractic Patient

Before meeting Dr. Knobbs, I was used to having pain on a regular basis. All my concerns were taken care of.


Chiropractic Patient

Riding Bull can put the same stress on your body as a 20 miles per hour car crash. And I do this for a living.

Myron Duarte

PRCA Hall of Fame

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