Equine Chiropractic Care

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Equine chiropractic care is for horses from all walks of life. Dr. Knobbs is Board Certified to treats horses from the rodeo circuit to retirees enjoying their time in the pasture. This alternative method of healthcare can be used in combination with your horse’s veterinary care. The treatments have been found to be helpful with improving sports performance, pain management, and increase in mobility.


The purpose of equine chiropractic is to optimize your horses’ health. We ask our
horses to perform and accomplish things they would not normally do on their own, varying from low endurance to high endurance tasks. Physical performance can cause spine misalignment and discomfort for your horse. Some symptoms you may observe include:

• Gradual or sudden refusal to perform routine tasks
• Generally stiff demeanor
• Flinching during saddling
• Recoiling when touched


If your horse is exhibiting any of these signs, Dr. Knobbs suggests speaking to, or having your horse seen, by their veterinarian before making an appointment for chiropractic care.