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“Disease is a disturbed condition, not a thing or entity.” —D.D. Palmer, founder of modern chiropractic

Spinal subluxation interferes with the normal flow of electrical impulses along the nerve fibers, distorting the message the nerve is trying to send or receive. If the complete, undistorted impulse cannot pass to and from the brain effectively and efficiently, some part of the body will be adversely affected.

Because the human body is a complex, working system, it is impossible to predict exactly what effect a subluxation will have on any given individual. However, we do know that any inhibition of the electrical nerve impulse will result in inhibition of bodily function. Symptoms of this inhibition of bodily function can include soreness, stiffness, discomfort, irregularity, muscle weakness, digestive disturbances and, of course, pain—all of which make daily activities more difficult. All of these are symptoms of the body’s dis-ease—a general lack of comfort, ability, and/or function. In other words, dis-ease is your body’s way of telling you there is something wrong and that part of the system is not working at its maximum.

There are myriad medications available that you can take for pain, digestive distress, soreness and stiffness, but the only thing these drugs succeed in doing is relieving the symptoms. Remember—these maladies are your body’s way of setting off an alarm that something in the system has gone awry. Ignoring the alarm, or silencing the alarm with medications, does not help the real problem. Medications do not uncover the source of your body’s dis-ease; they simply treat the symptoms. Unless the underlying problem—the nerve impulse interference—is corrected, the compromised organ or body part will continue to function improperly, affecting overall health and possibly causing other long-term health problems.

Client Testimonials

Without chiropractic treatment my major league career would have been shortened by at least 8 years.

Rich "Goose" Gossage

Major League Pitcher

Dr. Knobbs attacks the pain as opposed to masking the pain. When you leave you feel the cure. You really do.

Bobby Brown

Chiropractic Patient

Before meeting Dr. Knobbs, I was used to having pain on a regular basis. All my concerns were taken care of.


Chiropractic Patient

Riding Bull can put the same stress on your body as a 20 miles per hour car crash. And I do this for a living.

Myron Duarte

PRCA Hall of Fame

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